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Our Mission

About Us

"At this firm, no one is called Arm Breaker, or Pitbull, or any other euphemism. We are not nightclub bouncers, or attack dogs.  We are Lawyers, and we practice Law. And when you do that WELL, there is no need for clichéd nicknames or taglines".  


S. Stecéban Hudson, Founder

Our Mission

Founded in 1997, we are a boutique law firm focused on serving private individual clients, and small businesses. The central part of our mission is to provide greater access to legal services, and to serve actual small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and the communities they serve. That's why we work closely with our clients to find payment options and solutions that fit within a variety of budgets. For this reason, we offer our individual and business clients affordable hourly and flat fees, payment arrangements, and subscription services, all to make sure that everyone has access to quality legal representation.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations are free, brief conversations for the purpose of the attorney ascertaining your particular circumstances and your legal issues, and if, or how we may be able to help. The consultation does not create an attorney-client relationship. That relationship becomes effective once your case is accepted by the Firm, and an agreement to represent you has been signed.  

Fees & Payments

  • Flat Fees: Upfront, affordable rates for many routine services, and certain types of cases.

  • Hourly Rates: Competitive hourly rates for most types of Civil and Business legal services, that are consistently below the rates of larger firms.

  • Subscription Services: For certain businesses, subscription services may make the most sense, and we offer customizable packages tailored to your business needs. Subscription Program clients rates are discounted on all legal services. 

  • For your convenience, All major credit cards are accepted.

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