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Criminal Defense

We have extensive trial experience in Federal, State, and Municipal courts. Unlike many other firms or law offices, we accept only a certain amount of criminal cases at one time. This is to ensure that significant time and attention can be given to each case we take on. Criminal cases often involve the risk of your freedom being taken away, and that requires that your case has every aspect of it investigated, researched and defended. Doing cases in volume diminishes the time spent focusing on YOUR case. Our firm accepts cases involving:

  • DUI & Traffic

  • DMV Hearings

  • Records Sealing & Expungement

  • Misdemeanors

  • Municipal Violations & Infractions

Civil Law Matters

Our Civil litigation department handles a broad range of court cases and administrative law matters. For over 20 years we have represented clients in Title VII Employment Discrimination cases, EEOC Mediation and Conciliations, Personal Injury and Slip & Falls, Consumer Rights Protection matters, Landlord/Tenant issues, Property Liens and Conveyances, Business Disputes,  Arbitration, Non-Compete Agreements, and Contractor/Subcontractor Disputes, Federal Employee Grievances, as well as Administrative and Regulatory Agency hearings. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist with your particular matter. 

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