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Sports & Entertainment



Across television, music, digital media, marketing, we represent, Music artist, songwriters, DJ's, Online Personalities, Comedians, Models, Authors, Actors, Filmmakers, and other industry clients.  We provide our clients with the following services throughout their careers.

  • Career Management

  • Client Promotion & Booking

  • Negotiating and Drafting Contracts

  • Structuring and forming Client Business Ventures

  • Distribution and Exclusive Rights Agreements

  • Copyright and Trademark Protection

  • Internet and Media Ventures

  • Public Relations

  • Branding

Sports Management & Marketing

We provide Sports Management and Marketing services to professional, amateur, collegiate, and high school level athletes. Our clients are Football, Baseball, and Basketball players, Boxers, Golfers, Bodybuilders, Xtreme  Sports, and Olympic Athletes. For our clients, we provide the following services:

  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations

  • Image Marketing and Endorsements

  • Financial Consulting and Estate planning

  • Situational Legal Representation

  • Public Relations and Image Protection

Join our team and let us help keep you in the "Win Column!"

Professionally, Personally and Financially!! 

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